Tony the Super Jellyfish

This is Tony being a super jellyfish in a cave in Wales. Art courtesy of Paul Fairman.

Pocket Survey – updated

We have finished our pocket survey on Twitter and many thanks to the 37 people who replied!

The answer is that:

38% of cavers like a chest pocket on the outside

32% like a chest pocket on the inside

8% like waist level on the inside and

22% like something different.

Several people said they like a small pocket on the outside of the arm, one respondent likes an outside and an inside pocket, and one respondent said the pocket should be VERY VERY BIG.

If anyone else has any thoughts, we always like to have feedback. We can’t always promise that manufacturers will make all the design changes that we might suggest, because the price of making the suit so that it can be sold economically is a pretty big factor, but at least if we know what people might like in an ideal world, that may help.

Finally, Tony says I failed to ask whether people mind if they have a pocket at all, so we ran a second Twitter survey about this. The results are that out of 23 respondents, 91% of respondents want a pocket, and only 9% (um, 2.07 people?) would have a suit with no pocket if it was a bit cheaper.



Diving in the Lot

Tony has been diving in the Lot this week. Here are some pictures from Pou Meyssen – a 2400m round trip with canals and dry cave at the end.

Necessary supplies (tin of shandy for scale)


Pou Meyssen entrance


Dive base, post dive. A frog lives by the ladder!

Starless River buff

Starless River now have a new Starless River buff. In case you were wondering, the model is Clive Westlake.

Photo courtesy of Robbie Shone.