Photos from diving trip – Snezhnaya-Mezhennogo

Getting ready to go up the hill. The truck takes you 5km up to the start of the trail (but it wasn’t available for us on the way down!)

The cave entrance is just up the hill.

Getting ready to go underground for 6 days.

God knows how I managed to scrape the end of my nose. This is after a night’s sleep!


Titan entrance temporarily closed

Access to Titan entrance shaft has been temporarily suspended. The glass fibre rings and the metal stemples in the middle section are showing “signs of severe deformation” and are believed to be at risk of immediate failure. See

Empires of Rock

Forthcoming event this week: Andy Eavis, Roo Walters and Frank Pearson will be talking about the most spectacular caves in the world and Cumbria, at the Rheged Centre at 7pm on Saturday 28th November.

Northeast Greenland Caves Project

This is a climate change research project led by Dr. Gina Moseley: the aim is to collect and analyse samples of flowstone from caves in northeast Greenland in order to construct a record of past climate change. The project has support from an august range of bodies but is seeking crowdfunding for the final £67,000. Here is the link to the crowdfunding site: we hope that some of you might feel able to support the project. I expect that every little will help, or, as a boss of mine used to say “Little fish are sweet”.

What our customers did on their holidays

This is Marcus Thomas and some of our New Zealand customers in an exploration of Bulmer Cavern. We hear that the trip went really well with a positive dye trace confirmed on the opposite side of the mountain – giving a potential length of over 200km.

Here are some more pics (photos courtesy of Bee Fradis):

The Joy of Caving

BBC Radio 4 interview Dave Nixon on the appeal of caving.

Here is a three minute clip from the interview, which can also be found here.

This is an astronaut






This looks like someone you might know, getting underground on a Saturday, doesn’t it? Actually, (according to ESA) it’s an astronaut from the European Space Agency training in Sardinia.

Well, they do say more people have been to the moon than to some of the places cavers go to!

(Photo courtesy of ESA)

It’s always worth digging…

…. but watch where you stand!

This picture courtesy of BBC News is of a sinkhole 49m wide which opened up on Christmas Eve in the village of Foolow in Derbyshire. Read the full BBC story at

Out now – Mendip Underground

The new edition of Mendip Underground is out!

Including the new discoveries at Charterhouse Cave, Reservoir Hole and Upper Flood Swallet, topos, surveys, rigging guides and some really nice photographs.