Shannon… gear post-script

Well, it’s a shop website. I should mention the kit…

AV suit- actually, the one that I had originally, which I was wearing a size too small, didn’t like George’s Choke very much. When I switched to one that fitted, it was excellent; warm enough, flexible, and a joy to wear. But still, the lesson learnt – don’t buy on the small size, just because it looks the part. Vanity has no place in caving!

My etche canyoning boots did well in the streamway; nice not to carry the extra kg of water in the footwear, especially given how much distance you cover.

Little Monkey; a nice little light. Plenty bright enough, even in the big stuff. The good duration (at next-to-highest level, it gives thirteen hours) is reassuring on a longer trip, especially when you don’t know how long you’ll take to get out… and that ridiculous 250g weight is welcome when you’re wearing a helmet (and moving fairly dynamically) for several hours at a go.

Taladro bag. Well, it carried, at various times, harness, lead, and line reels. It didn’t break and it was easy to carry, when you could wear it, it was comfortable. All that you want from a small tackle bag, really!

Oh – and it’s a cave for knee pads; elbow pads too, I’d say. I padded up on all the joints, and was glad that I did.

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