Summer news

Late July saw me caving in the Three Counties system, on a trip which was written up in the Mail on Sunday by caving journalist David Rose. Have a look at the article here:

August was a busy month. Firstly here is me emerging from an archaological dive with a twelfth-century gravestone, at a site which will have to remain secret for the moment:

Next here is me in Croatia, carrying gear in to Lukina Trojama, a 1392m deep system being explored by a group of Croatian cavers. My part in the exploration ended up being to carry a 11l diving bottle out from the bottom…


A family holiday took me to the Swiss Alps, where I took the opportunity to get up some easy 4000’ers – this is the descent from the Weismeis in the Vallais (Wallis) region.


Next I visited the Masson expedition to the Berger to help with the derigging. This is me, nearly at the Moliere on the way down:


This month I also had the chance to see some prehistoric remains of ursus spelaeus, the cave bear. (Once again I am afraid the location will have to remain a secret.) This is apparently a juvenile individual (the bear that is!).


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