Holloch “type anglais” – the new Titan suit

The Holloch oversuit from Aventure Verticale has long been one of our best-selling ranges. However, over the last two years we have come to realise that there are a few differences between French caves and cavers and their English / Welsh / Scots / Irish equivalents. After a lot of discussion with the AV design team we now have the “Holloch type anglais”, which is going to be marketed as the AV “Titan”. There are two differences: firstly our caves tend to involve a lot more crawling and the new suit therefore has reinforced forearms. Secondly, we are longer in the body than our continental colleagues (don’t ask me why) and we were often finding that the otherwise excellent fit of the Holloch fell down when it came to the waist-to-armpit measurement. The new suit will be 6cm longer in the body to address this. So, if you have tried on a Holloch in the past but regretfully decided that it wasn’t for you because you couldn’t quite get your arms comfortably above your head, give the new Titan suit a try. As ever we love to have your feedback, good bad or indifferent.


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