News from Monte Kanin

Here’s some news via text from Tony who is with the Russian Cavex team in Slovenia:

Cave is the Gulliver entrance to Cernelsko Brezno. It weighs in at just under 1300 currently.

Full of WWI artillery shells and barbed wire, like everything else up top. Hell of a place to fight a war. Nothing to see but a bit of a Golgotha I suspect. Shells hitting bare rock make a lot of splinters and there’s nothing to absorb impact (even Flanders mud does that). Rain would wash a lot of uncollectables into the karst I reckon.

Two teams diving two sumps, both in the bottom part of the cave. From the lowest entrance they’re in the 900m+ region. Expectations of short sumps and dry passage beyond are high! Depth potential of at least another couple of hundred, maximum in the area is 1800+

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