Speleo Olympics winners at Brno 2013

Starless River congratulates all the winners. Brits who brought home prizes were:

100m rope – male 18 to 44  – Henry Rockcliff

Ladder climb – female 18 to 44  – Becka Lawson

Obstacle Course – male 18 to 44 – Rob Eavis

Obstacle Course – male over 45 – Wookey (are you really that old, Wookey??)


Comments aboutSpeleo Olympics winners at Brno 2013

  1. Hmm, well in the interests of transparency I should admit to not being that young … it’s just that when the organisers assumed I was in the younger age category I wasn’t about to correct them. Mind you, I could have scooped a few more prizes if I wasn’t too proud to own up to being crinkly.

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