August / September news

Tony has been too busy the last month to write anything, so it falls to me to update you all. Late August saw him taking a lightning trip to Austria to do some caving in Lamprechstofen (somewhat curtailed due to heavy rain and high water) but more importantly meeting up with the team for a proposed exploratory trip scheduled for autumn 2010 to a little-known area of Papua New Guinea. Last week he was occupied with a different hat on as a freelance inspector for the Adventure Licensing Service, but this week (keep up!) the project is helping the Beeb with a programme on Wild Swimming, due to hit BBC 4 soon.

Best of all, we finally have the Starless River van sign written. Look out for us at Hidden Earth if you are going to be there this weekend!

Newsflash – we are now stockists for ETCHE BOOTS. Some of you may have seen these recommended in Alpine Caving Techniques. They are available both as wellies and lace-up ankle boots, now with a redesigned sole. They are quick drying and comfortable and come in a wide range of sizes so may be suitable for people with small feet – female cavers and offspring take note! Tony says he used them in Voronja and they were perfectly good for prussiking in.


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