September / October News

This weekend the Starless River van and I are at SUICRO, the Irish caving symposium, where no doubt tales will be told and some Guinness drunk. I am hoping to get some diving in as well – the last few weeks have been frustrating on the diving front as whenever the vis is “poteen” I am irretrievably committed to doing other things and whenever I am free the vis has been “Guinness”.

Despite the long drive, Hidden Earth was well worth it in all sorts of ways. It’s always good to catch up with friends, as well as having the chance to meet new people. The only downside this year was that I didn’t see a single lecture…or indeed sit down, for about twelve hours on Saturday. In fact, it was so busy that I didn’t even take any photographs…

On the other hand, it was a brilliant chance to see just how your mates will help out, unasked, as they did in looking after me and the stock when the van broke down on Saturday night. You know who you are, and words can’t do justice…but “thanks” is perhaps a start!

Gear update – although these are so brand new that they aren’t on the site yet, we are selling the new Viper Lights. These are a high-end caving light, with a nice combination of robustness, good run times, and a *significantly* bright high setting. It doesn’t do everything, but what it does, it seems to do pretty well. Well worth a closer look for those committed to their caving in the longer term (or just those who are afraid of the dark).

In November the Starless River shop will be at CHECC, the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs annual meeting. We do good bulk deals for student clubs so all you tacklemasters out there, bear us in mind when you are kitting out your novices. We know that starting out in caving can be hard on the pocket so keep an eye on the site – we are shortly going to be promoting starter packages for your caving clothing and SRT gear.

Happy caving!

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