November News

As I wrote the last news I was on my way to SUICRO, the Speleological Union of Ireland annual congress, which as I expected was an excellent event. I was kept pretty busy with the shop (thanks for helping out Biff) but also managed to get to one talk on Shannon Cave and the remote exploration that’s been going on there (I like the name of their bivvi site – camp Camp) and enjoyed a trip down Pol na Gollum in sporting conditions (see Pol na Gollum)

I also found time to get my head underwater in the Hell complex off Doolin strand. This is an excellent area, in which three decades of exploration have left a legacy of several fascinating sites well worth a visit by any passing divers. Much of the most recent work has been done by Artur Koslowski, who is pushing the boundaries of Irish diving on an almost weekly basis right now.

Mind you- Artur’s view on what constitutes a reasonable amount of swell for diving at Hell’s kitchen is less conservative than mine! The phrase ‘cat in a washing machine’ springs to mind when I recall trying to get out after the dive with a pair of big cylinders. I should have recalled that old saying “Where the Devil fears to tread…they send a Polish man”.

Tony's dive route
Tony's dive route

This month the Starless River Shop has been at CHECC at SWCC on Saturday 21st and will be on Mendip for the weekend of the 28th/29th. I’m hoping to meet up with some eastern European friends at the same time to plan next year’s Papua New Guinea trip. If it ever stops raining I may even go caving, or diving.

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