Diving news – Sneznya in Abkhasia

Tony is on his way home from Abkhasia having found the way on from the Lake of Mozorov at the bottom of Sneznya Cave (-1800m). A sump of about 250m leads to large open passage ending in a boulder choke.

Taking your Scurion in hand luggage – Dubai warning

Scurion have reminded us that normal IATA rules say you should be able to carry your Scurion (or any Li-ion light) in your hand luggage provided the labelling on the battery is not worn so that the security officer can’t … Continue reading

Breakthrough beyond Ink Sump

The boulder choke in the roof of Doom’s Retreat Aven beyond Ink Sump in Peak Cavern has been breached and a way on found into a large chamber beyond, “Endeavour”. There is a further climb, passage and chamber above Endeavour. … Continue reading

Neanderthal cave dwellers dated to 176,500 BC

The French newspaper LibĂ©ration reports that a structure discovered in a cave in the Aveyron gorge, which is made of broken stalactites arranged in a circle, has been dated to 176,500 BC (by uranium/thorium dating of the calcite on the … Continue reading

Draenen entrance – care needed

The PDCMG tell us that following the failure of a couple of timbers at the bottom of the Draenen entrance series scaffolded shaft, work has begun on inspecting and replacing the current shuttering. A team from Morgannwg and Brynmawr CCs … Continue reading

Titan open!

On the weekend of 13th-14th February, remedial work on the entrance to Titan was completed after months of hard work. Dave Nixon is taking bookings for trips to take place after March 13th. Further details are on the Peak / … Continue reading

Eldon Hole Ground Anchors – warning

DCC tell us that they are replacing the Eldon Hole ground anchors and the bollards at the top of the East and West routes were partially cut through yesterday before their grinder battery ran out. The two damaged bollards will … Continue reading

Photos from diving trip – Snezhnaya-Mezhennogo

Getting ready to go up the hill. The truck takes you 5km up to the start of the trail (but it wasn’t available for us on the way down!) The cave entrance is just up the hill. Getting ready to … Continue reading

Competition – win winter training and a Petzl ice axe

Lyon Equipment have passed on to us details of this competition from the BMC, Petzl and Glenmore Lodge for the chance to win a two-day winter skills course at the Lodge, and a Summit Evo Ice Axe. The competition details … Continue reading

Diving in Abkhazia

This is the Lake of Morozov at -1800m where all being well Tony will be diving this week. NB Tony has (deliberately) left his phone in someone’s flat in Moscow so you will not be able to contact him. Please … Continue reading