News from Kanin #2

After a camp of seven days, three divers from the Cavex team passed a 100m sump into around 300m of new dry passage at the bottom of Sveliko Brezno in the Monte Kanin region of Slovenia.
The new sump was reached by diving two previously passed sumps at a depth of slightly less than 1000m from the surface. The camp at 700m is reached via a combination of mainly small muddy pitches and slightly awkward meanders. From camp to dive base involves about half a mile of continuous, proven lethal boulder choke, until with relief the last 120m depth is gained in muddy pitches and a large but safe boulder slope.
The mini-rebreather I used in the Culiembro-Xitu traverse worked well here, too. Only a 3l and 5l cylinder needed, and this was almost too much! Also the Speleo Pro wetsuit from Warmbac coped with 4°C water, in conjunction with a Fourth Element thermocline vest.
As ever, the Scurion was excellent and reliable, thankfully!
After 7 days underground and 700m prussiking
A storm over the bivouac
The Rombon caving area, Gulliver entrance in the left hand area
Is this the bone of a pack mule, or otherwise?


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