2013 Pantin and Croll

We have just received the 2013 version of the Pantin ascender. We’ve been fans of foot jammers since before Petzl started making them, and have already been trying it out to see how it compares with the old version. This one is *quite* different… we’ll put up a user review as soon as we’ve given it a good going-over. In the meantime, anyone else who has one, feel free to comment!

We also now have the 2013 Croll – two-thirds of the weight of the “old” Croll – we’re looking forward to seeing how it performs underground.


Comments about2013 Pantin and Croll

  1. I have the old pantin and my girlfriend has a ‘new’ one; she regularly outpaces me up big pitches. Case closed, I think?!

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