Safe Posting

With luck some of us may still cross paths (from a distance of 2m!) over the next period of time. But it’s pretty likely that if you want to buy things, there’ll be more of it going through the post. So here’s a couple of things that could make folks worry less about it.

Firstly, the stores where packing takes place is kept ‘surface clean’. This means that we open up and close down, so no-one else touches the door handles; we’re spraying these with anti-bacterial, and we do the same for the packing surface, the light switch, taps etc. So where the goods are handled is probably lower risk than where you grab a takeaway coffee.

Secondly, anyone doing the packing washes their hands at the start of the process. Given the timescale between packing and delivery, it’s probably not a big deal for potential transmission – but hey it’s no great hardship. Also, if you are in a higher risk category, and you’d like us to pack wearing sterile gloves – just mention in in the comments section of your order and we can do that.

Lastly, and pretty obviously, no-one here is currently showing symptoms. Anyone who does, won’t be packing for whatever is the best practice duration given at that point. We’ve other people who can come in and help, fortunately.

Stay strong!

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